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How to stay focused in your afternoon meetings

Afternoon meetings can be challenging. You've started out the day strong, hustled to the halfway point of the day, had a delicious lunch, and now you kinda want to mellow out. Sound familiar? If so, you know that most of the time it's easier said then done.

Usually what happens is you get back to your place of work, reality sets in, deadlines are due, and your company has that milestone to reach before the next company party. You're more than able to do your duties. You just need that extra bit of energy. Try having an il Morso before your next meeting. We offer an espresso sized lift in a melt-in-mouth treat.   

Low sugar, high focus. There's enough caffeine to finish the day strong without keeping you up all night. How's that sound for a game plan? 

Okay nice pep talk, time to get back to changing the world for the better! 

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