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Meet Our Team! - Jason B.

Name: Jason B.

Role at il Morso: I basically live here, also a co-founder

What I like about il Morso: It is the perfect compliment to life on the go.  I no longer have to choose between dessert and coffee. And I never feel jittery or over caffeinated. I also love to share, and giving people il Morso for the first time is a huge delight.  It is not often you get to offer someone a new experience, especially one as decadently functional as il Morso!

Favorite il Morso: The Mocha, It has the most complexity.  It is the biggest party of ingredients we offer.  I enjoy the smooth ride of Espresso tastes into dark chocolate, and back to Espresso. Yum!

Pick two celebrities to be your parents: Elon Musk and Susan Sarandon

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