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Starting any new project is all about taking the first step,...

Starting any new project is all about taking the first step, simple right? But really, when you start something, and you suddenly find yourself confronted with so many possible “first steps”, how do you know which step should actually be the first? IMO it rarely matters. Just pick a move, start somewhere, almost anywhere will do. Once you get in the flow you’ll find yourself becoming more and more familiar with your process and with the value of each step you take. Even if you start one place and soon realize that it would have been better to start somewhere else, well, now you’ve learned something useful, and btw its rarely “too late” in the beginning of any project to “start over.” Every creative I respect does this all the time, and frankly we already saved time by not endlessly debating where to start in the first place

Ask yourself, why haven’t I started yet?! And join us and @thepassioncompany
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